According to Downdetector, an online tool to report tech outages, the Google outage has over 1,500 reports in India.

New Delhi: Google Services including Gmail, YouTube and Google Drive were not accessible for several users in India on Thursday. Downdetector, that tracks outages by collating status reports from a series of sources, including user-submitted errors on its platform has also confirmed that Google services have been hit.

It tweeted that user reports indicate Google is having problems since 11:22 AM, Gmail is having problems since 11:22 AM IST and Youtube is having problems since 11:19 AM IST.

Tech giant Google’s services were hit on Thursday morning, the outage affected YouTube, Drive, Gmail, and the search engine.

According to Downdetector, an online tool to report tech outages, the Google outage has over 1.500 reports in India.

Users took to Twitter to express their dismay about the outage and per usual resorted to memes.

Apps and websites from Google’s family like, YouTube, Drive, Gmail, Duo, Meet, Hangouts, Docs, and Sheets also were reported to be down.

According to Downdetector, Gmail has over 2,000 reports at the time of writing this article. On Twitter, users posted screenshots that showed a 502 error on their Gmail sign-in page.

A 502 error usually means the server is unresponsive.

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